2004 Updates

23 December 2004

22 December 2004

5 December 2004

13 November 2004

6 November 2004

Uploaded A Different Look at America's Red/Blue Divide, an opinion piece I put up prompted by commentary I heard from the recent election.

30 October 2004

Yes, I know I've been neglecting the website a bit, but I had a good reason!

3 October 2004

Wasn't planning any updates until November, but two major events that took me by surprise forced me:

28 September 2004

19 August 2004

14 August 2004

11 July 2004

3 June 2004

28 May 2004

The biggest single update in months!

21 May 2004

14 May 2004

1 May 2004

17 April 2004

Colorado Highways:
- Added a couple ramp meters on C-470 to the Ramp Meters page.

3 April 2004

Colorado Highways:
- New page on the T-REX bridge implosion last weekend, which didn't go as planned.

27 March 2004

Colorado Highways:
- New photos from David Herrera: I-25 (Pikes Peak), SH 142 and SH 150.
- Updated the history of US 6 in Clear Creek Canyon, thanks to a write-up sent to me by Juston Fariello. It also impacted the SH 182 listing.
- Minor updates to the County Road Numbering page, with info from Ben Kiene.

6 March 2004

Colorado Highways:
- New photos: SH 30, SH 119, and the Moffat Tunnel.
- Added a section, with photos, about Denver's official mile-high survey marker to the Trivia section.
- Updated the marker for the Buffalo Highway on the Motor Trails page, thanks to Kevin Griffith.

27 February 2004

Colorado Highways:
- Two new pages: Contracted Maintenance and County Numbering Systems.

23 February 2004

Colorado Highways:
- Due to recent traveling, added SH 91 to my list of clinched highways.
- Updated the Guide info for SH 91.

14 February 2004

Colorado Highways:
- Added links to external sites for US 6, US 40 and US 287.
- Added a note to the SH 7 listing that the CDOT is turning back the portion in north Boulder.

9 February 2004

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- The 19th Avenue interchange on I-25 has been permanently closed as part of a larger ramp reconstruction effort.

8 February 2004

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- The new Eagle-Vail interchange on I-70 has opened.
- Updated the About This Site entry due to me upgrading my system and getting new software.

3 February 2004

Colorado Highways:
- General update to Scenic and Historic Byways page.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Update to I-25 and I-225 lists due to opening of new ramp in the interchange.

30 January 2004

Colorado Highways:
- New pictures, all from Dale Sanderson: US 24 (Eastern Plains), SH 40, SH 59, I-70 and BL I-70 (Burlington), and US 385.
- Minor info updates for US 24 and SH 63.
- Uploaded a photo example old-style US highway marker for the History page.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Minor updates on I-70 east, from Dale Sanderson.

25 January 2004

Change Colorado's Counties:
- Updated links to Dave Schul's site as necessary.
Midwest Freeways Exits:
- New URLs for Jason Hancock's site. Updated pages as necessary.
- Several additions and corrections from Adam Froehlig on the US 10 and MN 60 lists.

17 January 2004

Colorado Highways:
- New pictures, all courtesy Michael McMullen, who worked in CDOT Staff Bridge: I-25 (Yale and 38th), US 50 (Cañon City), SH 82 (Maroon Creek), and Glenwood Canyon.

16 January 2004

Colorado Highways:
- Added a new Where I've Been in Colorado page.

9 January 2004

Colorado Highways:
- Placed links as necessary throughout the site to Steve Riner's New Mexico Highways site. This was for US and Interstate highways, but Steve isn't yet done uploading state highways, so I held off on doing those.