2003 Updates

27 December 2003

Colorado Highways:
- New pictures: US 6 (Loveland Pass), SH 9 (Fairplay & Hoosier Pass), US 36 (at I-25), US 285 (Fairplay to Denver), E-470 (north stack), and the Northwest Parkway.

26 December 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Updated the Ramp Meters page due to the recently-installed meters several places on I-25 north of downtown.

23 December 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Updated I-25 and TRANs pages due to recent completion of the Mousetrap reconstruction.

13 December 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Looking at the latest CDOT route log I saw most of SH 110 has been turned back, including the spur connection.
- Updated the SH 119 listing with the new alignment through Longmont that opened last week.
- SH 110 is now the shortest highway in the state, so I updated the Trivia section.

9 December 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Updated all of the Barebones route listings with the new format, and got the info "synched up" with what is in the main route listings.
- Update to the chain law portion of the Quickfacts page, thanks to info sent to me by Dave Armbruster.

6 December 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Updates to the PHA Tollways, Denver's 470 Saga and E-470 pages with the opening of the Northwest Parkway.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Updates to various exit lists with the opening of the Northwest Parkway. Also removed the HOV lanes from I-25 in T-REX since those are becoming general-use lanes Monday.
- Sometime in the last year the cloverleaf at I-76 Exit 92 was modified to a partial cloverleaf. Changed the exit list accordingly.
- Fixed some broken links on the title page pointed out by Steve Hodanish.
Upper Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Changed a couple things on the south I-35 and east I-94 lists after a recent trip back that way.
- Adam Froehlig mentioned construction has started on an interchange at CSAH 46 on US 52.

5 December 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Major format update. I went through all pages of the full route listings and cleaned up the look and feel of the pages. Also, in my ongoing effort to be more like Jason Hancock I added counties the route goes through to the information given about each route. Some routes got other minor info updates.

1 November 2003

Colorado Highways:
- New pictures on US 36 and SH 36 from Dale Sanderson.
- Dale also pointed out a typo I had under SH 28: Heartstrong, not Heartsburg.
- Alan Alchian let me know about a couple of broken links on the Glenwood Canyon Resources page.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- On the north I-25 list, Barbour Ponds State Park has been renamed Saint Vrain State Park; and there's a hard date for the opening of the Northwest Parkway, November 24th.
- The Simms Street exit on Hampden Avenue has opened.

25 October 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Noted that in the future SH 83 will be shifted onto Powers Boulevard in Colorado Springs.
- Steve Riner informed me how SH 110 and Spur 110 are signed. (Not very well.)
- Over at the Trivia and Tidbits pages I added a list of cities/towns not served by state highways.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Steve Riner sent me speed limit info for I-25 on the north side of Pueblo.
- Dacono has been added to the Erie exit on I-25.

21 October 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Added three more photos, submitted by Dale Sanderson, to the "Roadgeek Meet" page.

19 October 2003

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Various updates to I-70 in the mountains, most minor, but one major item is the new Post Blvd interchange in Avon.
Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Rolled out the new route markers made from the FHWA font I purchased. The update also includes images common to the Colorado freeway exits such as speed limit signs.

12 October 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Confirmed from a recent field visit that there is indeed a gap in US 85 in south Colorado Springs. There's even a "Begin City Maintenance" sign. Upated US 85 listing accordingly.
- Added a few links to the Links page.

4 October 2003

Colorado Highways:
- What does $240 get you? Fonts that exactly resemble the FHWA 2000 alphabet. With the purchase of Page Stuido Graphic's Highway Gothic 2002 fonts I am finally able to make route markers that are as close as possible to the real thing. Uploaded new versions of all the modern markers throughout the Colorado Highways and Freeway Exits sites.
- Pictures, pictures, pictures! New photos of SH 16, US 24 (Colo Spgs), I-25 (Colo Spgs and Denver), BL I-25, SH 29, SH 83 (Colo Spgs), US 85 (Colo Spgs), SH 159, US 285, and a Fountain signal picture. Some are from David Herrera.
- Updated SH 14 guide thanks to Mack Hitch who straightened me out on whether it's Raymer or New Raymer (New Raymer is right).
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Minor updates on central I-25 list.

29 September 2003

Colorado Highways:
- New page on the "roadgeek get-together" of regular contributors to this site and/or Colorado regulars on misc.transport.road.

20 September 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Thanks to a heads up from Brad Carsten, I've found out about a new Scenic and Historic Byway: Lariat Loop.

19 September 2003

Finally found some time for updates that have been several weeks in the making:

Colorado Highways:
- On the Quickfacts page I clarified the county numbering system in Boulder County courtesy Brad Carsten.
- Expanded SH 5 info courtesy Jim Adolphson.
- Quick notes for SH 83, SH 121, I-225 and SH 470 courtesy Jack Unitt regarding how they are on Corps of Engineers land adjacent to reservoirs.
- Added link on the I-70 page to CDOT's Eisenhower Tunnel site.
- A flub caught by "Andy T": On the US 85 page I was referring to a rail line as a BNSF line even though it's actually a UPRR line.
- Update to SH 88 history courtesy Jack Unitt.
- I finally know how Spur SH 78 is marked courtesy Steve Riner.
- At the Glenwood Canyon site, I added a little more to the History/Construction page thanks to Joe Looper.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Two updates on I-25: The Bragdon interchange has been renamed (thanks to Steve Riner for info) and updated the Nevada/Tejon listing in Colorado Springs due to the recent completion of construction.

6 September 2003

Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Prompted by the recent opening of an additional section of US 20 freeway, Jason Hancock has taken over the exit lists for US 20 and I-35 in Iowa. My I-35 list now ends at the Iowa border.

29 August 2003

Colorado Highways:
- A ton of new photos!!! Check out the new shots of US 6 (Federal/Bryant), SH 9, I-25 (Colo Spgs & Larkspur), SH 35, US 36 (near I-25), US 40 (east of Kremmling), I-70 (Vail & Havana St), SH 83 (at I-225), SH 93, US 160, I-270, Grand County, and a Boulder signal picture. Some are submitted by David Herrera.

26 August 2003

Colorado Highways:
Recently looked at the latest version of the CDOT online route database and noted these changes:
- SH 3 has been extended so its northern end returns to US 160-550.
- SH 35 had its northern end clarified to "north of I-270" rather than at I-270.
- SH 75 had the milepost of its end on Littleton Blvd modified slightly.
- BR US 85 Brighton has been turned back in its entirety.
- SH 86's mileposting at its western end was modified.
- SH 133 has some kind of business route through Bowie.
- SH 470 had the milepost of its end at US 6 modified.

16 August 2003

Colorado Highways:
- A major milestone in the Turnpike Tangle reconstruction: The connection of I-270 from EB US 36 opened, so I updated numerous pages accordingly.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Since they're part of the same continuous freeway now, I combined US 36 and I-270 onto the same exit list.

15 August 2003

Colorado Highways:
- New page with limited information on the Colorado Tolling Enterprise.

9 August 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Brand-spankin' new photos from Drew Willsey: I-70 (Grand Jct, mountains, foothills), US 285 (Lakewood), SH 470 (Morrison), and a signal photo from Frisco.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- University of Southern Colorado changed its name to Colorado State University-Pueblo back in July. Changed the I-25 list accordingly.

6 August 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Brand new feature: Trivia and Tidbits. Look here for all kinds of obscure facts related to Colorado's highways and geography.
- Updated and consolidated the Links page.
- Updated the Quickfacts page with Colorado's new child booster and safety seat law.
- Due to lack of information, I had one photo on I-25 at Walsenburg describing the wrong location. Thanks to Matt Sellers for straightening me out.

18 July 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Update to the PHA Tollways page about the upcoming opening of the Northwest Parkway. Also updated the rest of the entry about the future of the rest of the beltway.
Upper Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Updates to I-35 and US 20 because of the recent mass turnback of minor state routes in Iowa.

14 July 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Minor update to history of SH 66, courtesy Ed Breed.
- Update to SH 109 history in La Junta, courtesy Dan Chrisner.

12 July 2003

Colorado Highways:
- New photos from Russel Kroll: US 24, I-25, BL I-25, SH 29 and SH 83, all from in and around Colorado Springs.
- Updated the E-470 page thanks to some spelling and factual errors pointed out by "Feringy".

4 July 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Thanks to a head's up (in the form of a photo) from Steve Riner, I learned that signing for the US 666 to 491 change became effective July 1st. Updated everything in the site accordingly.

29 June 2003

Bonus Page:
- Put up a couple of pictures from the March blizzard.
Colorado Highways:
- Brand-spankin' new photos: US 6 (Golden), I-25 (Logan bridge), I-70 (elevated), and SH 470.

23 June 2003

Colorado Highways:
- New photo on SH 402, from Chuck Doolittle.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Update from Steve Riner: US 85 is now signed at the Fountain exit on I-25. Updated the list.

17 June 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Updated the entry about the longest US Highways in the state on the Facts page, spurred on by a recent e-mail from Dale Sanderson.
- Added a link to Jesse Whidden's Nebraska Highways site to the Links page.
- Updated the Milepost Guides for several of the freeways in the state with the actual milepost data. Before I was linking them to the Exit Guide for the route.
Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Another update from Adam Froehlig: The 14th St NW interchange on US 52 has closed. Updated the list.

7 June 2003

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Doh! The new right exit to I-225 from I-25 opened yesterday, and I forgot to update the exit lists last night. Now they have been.

6 June 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Update to the Renumbering US 666 page. AASHTO recently approved changing it to US 491.
- Added some more "new" old photos from my album. For whatever reason I passed them over the first time around. Includes pictures from I-25 around I-225, US 34, SH 224, US 287, SH 392, and E-470.
- On the History page uploaded a real photo, rather than a cartoon drawing, of the old "COLO" route marker, due to receiving a picture from Steve Riner.

31 May 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Added some "new" old photos, from Mike Balllard, which he sent me in 1998. For whatever reason I passed them over the first time I uploaded his pictures. Includes pictures from I-25 around Trinidad, Walsenbug, Pueblo and Denver, and one from US 287 up near Wyoming.

24 May 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Two new photos: US 50 at I-25 and an old-style SH 96 marker. Both from Steve Riner.
Midwest Freeway Exits:
- According to Steve Riner's site, MN 42 is now signed at the I-90 exit. Updated the list.
- Numerous miscellaneous updates from Adam Froehlig: I-90 around Austin, I-35 south of the Twin Cities, I-94 around Saint Cloud, US 10, US 14, and US 52.

13 May 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Continued rescanning some pictures from 1997-1999 to improve their quality. Includes photos from SH 119, SH 256, SH 257, I-270, US 287, E-470, Peña Boulevard, Denver, Fort Collins, Longmont, Loveland, and multiple signal photos.
- Oops. I had Ferncliff spelled "Ferncliffe" several places around the site. Thanks to Ken Kvols for the correction.

10 May 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Uploaded some rescans of pictures from 1997-1999 to improve their quality. Includes photos from SH 2, US 6, SH 14, SH 18, I-25, US 34, SH 35, US 40, SH 56, SH 68, I-70, SH 74, SH 83, US 85 and US 87.

28 April 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Rearranged the look of the table of contents on the title page.
- Split up and updated interchange names and ramp meters, which previously had been on a shared page.
- Uploaded a page that has a Rocky Mountain News editorial saying good things about T-REX.
- Uploaded a new page for the likely change of US 666.

19 April 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Updated the AADT data for every route from 1996 to 2000. Shoulda done it two years ago but only just now kicked myself enough to do it.

15 April 2003

Upper Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Updates to the I-35 and US 20 lists in Iowa courtesy updates from Jason Hancock and Jeff Morrison.

10 April 2003

Updated title page with new look and About page because I recently moved.

2 March 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Check out the new pictures of E-470, SH 40, SH 79, US 85 and SH 88. Also a new signal picture for Fort Lupton.

1 March 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Update to US 40 history, provided by Richie Kennedy.
- Update to US 666 talking about a potential number change to it, thanks to a Kevin Flynn article.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- New permanent westbound I-270 exits at I-76 have opened.
- Also updated a bunch of the Colorado and Upper Midwest exit lists with the new, nifty sign graphics for intersections.

15 February 2003

Colorado Highways:
- Major change in presentation: All photos that were shown "inline" in the route listings have been removed and replaced with links. This was done to reduce load time on the pages and make them shorter in length. Also decreases the amount of my bandwidth usage. One of the results of this was dumping the "solo route pages" I had for SH 14, US 24 and SH 82, since the only reason they were on solo route pages to begin with was having several photos.
- Minor update to the Links page, because CDOT changed some of their URLs, and I added a link t Kevin Flynn's Rocky Mountain News transportation column.
- New photos of US 50 from Marty Blaise.
- New route listing for Wyoming 70, since it is a state-maintained highway in Colorado (but maintained by WyDOT).
- New links to several of Dale Sanderson's sites, specifically for US 6 and I-70.
Upper Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Updates to US 52, thanks to Adam Froehlig. Includes some niftier graphics for intersections.

24 January 2003

Minor house-keeping update:
- Steve Riner changed the URL for his Highways of Minnesota site, so had to change that a few places.
- Added links to Monte Castleman's new North Star Highways site.

4 January 2003

Colorado Highways:
- The last, final segment of E-470 opened from US 85 up to I-25, and tolls went up. Updated necessary pages.
- Reworked non-state roadways by creating a PHA Tollways page and Other Roadways page.
- Updated SH 47 listing thanks to clarification from Steve Riner.
- He also mentioned El Paso County doesn't have a numbered county route system. Updated Facts page.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- With the opening of E-470 I had to update all the affected lists.
- CDOT raised the speed limit on I-25 north of Castle Rock.