2002 Updates

14 December 2002

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- New exit on E-470 opened to Chambers Road. Thanks to Robert Halonen.
- CDOT again changed the wording on signs on US 36 in the Louisville area. Thanks to Brad Carsten.

3 November 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Revised the TRANs page into a High-Priority Projects page, with more info.
- More of the US 285 expressway has opened.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- New HOV lanes through T-REX territory.

27 October 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Updates to National Highway System pages, fixing some gaffs that it took me three years to notice.
- Photo Gallery: Overhauled page formatting and spun off the Signal Photos onto their own page.
- Glenwood Canyon: Added book to Resources page.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- More minor updates to I-25, I-70, and I-76 pages, including nifty new graphics for truck tip-over curve warnings.

11 October 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Yes! Finally uploaded the Glenwood Canyon feature pages, after taking the trip out there in June.
- New pictures for US 40 around Berthoud Pass.
- New signal picture for Winter Park.

7 October 2002

A whole bunch of "housekeeping" updates. Mainly external link maintainence, because people keep moving their sites around.

Main site:
- Update to Links page.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Updated related sites and links to Andy Field's Wyoming site.
Colorado Highways:
- Minor update to About page.
- Added a paragraph about the "Move it" law to the Facts page.
- Added some links to the Links page.
- Updated all links to Andy Field's Wyoming site.
Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Updated links to Jason Hancock's (moved) and Brandon Gorte's (gone) site.

21 September 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Big update to the Steele Street Bridge site, since the new bridge has now been completed. Losta photos and a cool time lapse movie.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- New ramp open from US 36 to 92nd at Sheridan. Thanks to Ben Kiene.
Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Update to I-35 north of Des Moines thanks to Jeff Morrison.

15 September 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Uploaded some niftier-looking markers for US and Interstate routes.
- Updates to SH 358 and SH 378, thanks to Thomas Zieber.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Additional clarifications to I-70 near Burlington, from Richie Kennedy.

1 September 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Finally got around to adding a bunch of photos from my June roadtrip: In the General gallery there are new photos for Aurora and new signal photos for Aspen, Eagle, Glenwood Springs, and Silverthorne. In the State Highways gallery there are new photos for US 6, US 24, I-70, BS I-70 Eagle, and SH 82. The photos were also included in the respective route listings.
- Spun off SH 82 onto its own separate route listing page.

30 August 2002

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- An additional 4 miles of E-470 has opened.
- Another T-REX change: I-25 exit at University has changed from a cloverleaf to a diamond.
- Finally drove it all the way to the border, so did a general info update on the I-76 list.
Colorado Highway:
- Updated E-470 page due to the opening of the first 4 miles of Segment IV.
Midwest Freeway Exits:
- General updates to I-35 (Des Moines to Twin Cities), I-90 (eastern Minnesota), and I-94 (western Wisconsin).

5 August 2002

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- T-REX closure: I-225 has no access to Belleview and has to use DTC Blvd. instead.

4 August 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Continued info update: History page. Includes new pictures of 1920s-era route markers from George Sammeth.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Update to the eastern I-70 list, thanks to multiple updates from Richie Kennedy.

30 July 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Continued info update: US/Interstate highways page.

29 July 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Continued info update: All auxiliary route pages.
- BS I-70 Avon has been turned back. Changed pages accordingly.

24 July 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Continued info update: All Barebones pages.

21 July 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Continued historical info update: Uploaded routes 300-789.

20 July 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Continued historical info update: Uploaded routes 160-299.

14 July 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Continued historical info update: Uploaded routes 60-159.

6 July 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Comprehensive update to the About page.
- Started the all-encompassing historical information update for all routes. Uploaded 1-19, 20-39 and 40-59.
- Ramp meter updates on the Denver Freeways page.

27 June 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Fixed the misspelling of Guffey under SH 9 pointed out to me by George Sammeth.
- SH 32 is now gone! Changed pages accordingly.
- SH 279 is now gone! Changed pages accordingly.
- Spur SH 257 is now gone! Changed pages accordingly.
- SH 75 has had segments of it turned back and is now a broken route! Changed pages accordingly.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Removed SH 75 and SH 32 from the US 285 and I-70 lists, respectively.
- Major information update for I-70 from Vail Pass to Silt, including Glenwood Canyon.

31 May 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Added prominent link to title page for CoTrip.org.
- New state highway photos: SH 83, SH 105, US 285
- New general photos: Denver, Douglas County, Cherry Hills Village

27 April 2002

- Rearranged and updated About.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Added info and nifty images to the exit lists for ski areas and Scenic Byways.
- Exit signage on US 36 in the Louisville/Superior area has changed.
- New T-REX closure: SB I-25 offramp to Evans.
Colorado Highways:
- Corrected some spelling/grammar/intent errors on the Steele Street and I-25 pages pointed out by Jim Adolphson.

19 April 2002

Colorado Highways:
- New feature page! Steele Street Bridge: An examination of one portion of Denver's T-REX project.

8 April 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Changed SH 18's status to a defunct highway.
- Update to US 350, with new info and a link from Dale Sanderson.
- Refined some info in the SH 83 listing.
- Added a couple of photos from Marty Blaise to the history portion of US 85.
- Ramp meter updates to the Denver Freeways page.

16 March 2002

Main home page:
- Put in another WTC photo.
Colorado Highways:
- Reformatted the title page.
- Major update to the Quickfacts page, with several new topic areas added and the others updated.
- Spun off Scenic and Historic Byways onto their own page.
- House-cleaning update to the About page.
- A couple new photos in the non-state photo gallery.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- The scenic overlook on I-25 at the Air Force Academy has closed due to security concerns.

26 February 2002

Lots of little updates:

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- T-REX update: Lower speed limit on I-25 at Hampden.
Colorado Highways:
- Denver Freeway page: Ramp meter changes due to T-REX.
- New info on SH 23 from George Sammeth. Also impacted SH 176.
- Pointed out to me by Andy Field: SH 26 has disappeared from the Hogback area.
- SH 33 has disappeared. Updated/removed its listing.
- New historical info on SH 114 pointed out to me by George Sammeth.
- The State of Colorado has changed their URL, so had to update the Links page.

10 February 2002

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Updated I-25 south of Denver with the completion of the Climbing Lanes project.
Colorado Highways:
- Added a photo of a roundabout in Avon.
- Added some info to US 350.
Change Colorado's Counties:
- Updated page due to Broomfield becoming a county.

27 January 2002

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Updates to I-76 rest areas, from Robert Halonen.
Also: Deleted the Change the Signs and Fictional Freeways portions of my site. Didn't feel like maintaining them any more.

23 January 2002

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Another T-REX closure on I-25: Soutbound Wash./Emerson offramp. Also updated opening dates of E-470/NW Pkwy.

20 January 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Updated a couple of the CDOT links.
- Added a section about highway funding to the Facts page.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Updates on I-25 in Pueblo, from corrections by Steve Riner.
- Updated construction info on E-470.
Midwest Freeway Exits:
- SR-29: The new Curtis interchange has opened, according to Kevin Robokoff.

1 January 2002

Colorado Highways:
- Reworked the top of the title page. The whole random image thing didn't work.
Colorado Freeway Exits and Upper Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Also reworked the top of the title pages.
- Updated link to Richie Kennedy's I-70 Kansas list.