2001 Updates

17 December 2001

Colorado Highways:
- On the title page, I've implemented a CGI script that displays one of several random images for the top title image.
- New pictures: I-70, SH 72, SH 88, US 285, and SH 391.
My bio page:
-Added/deleted/updated some stuff, including photos.
Bonus Page:
- Added a new series of photos and a narrative about some minor flooding that happened in my apartment complex last summer.

7 December 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Updated SH 14 listing with a historical note on Fort Collins received from Ben Kiene.
- BIG CHANGE: Uploaded all-new marker images for the state highways. Previously they were created with tables and small images, but now I have the server space so I created individual images for each marker. This way they look the same to everyone.
Upper Midwest Exit Lists:
- Oops! Jim Adolphson pointed out I had "Owatonna" spelled wrong on I-90 in Austin.

25 November 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Updated US 85 to reflect the closing of Exit 183 in Castle Rock.
- Updated SH 52 due to the completion of reconstruction at the I-25 interchange.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Added service information to all of the major exit lists (I-25, I-70, I-76, I-225, US 36, C-470), something that had been on my To Do list for quite a while now.
Upper Midwest Exit Lists:
- Minor update to the About page.

10 November 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Limited update of the E-470 page, with a new link to Robert Halonen's photo page. Also spun off the newspaper article onto a separate page.
- Uploaded a photo of SH 340 sent to me by Robert Halonen.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Was down in Pueblo on business so made some scattered updates to the I-25 list on the north side of Pueblo.
- In Castle Rock I-25 Exit 183 has been permanently closed.

28 October 2001

Upper Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Updated a few things on the US 53 north and WI 29 lists, thanks to Kevin Robokoff.
- Linked the I-90, I-94 and I-229 pages to CC Slater's Dakota exit lists.

21 October 2001

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- T-REX has started. Updated the I-25 lists.

13 October 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Updated numerous typos on the Denver Freeway Odds-n-Ends page pointed out to me by Jim Adolphson.

6 October 2001

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Updated some speed limit, grade, and ramp speed info for I-70 between El Rancho and Georgetown.

29 September 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Spurred on by an e-mail conversation with Robert Halonen, I finally got around the updating the SH 2 listing with all the goings-on at the I-76 interchange. Some of it I should have done a year ago.
- Updated the US 40, US 287, and BL I-70 listings to note the expressway in east Aurora.

23 September 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Updated US 285 listing due to the expressway section at Windy Point opening.
- Updated the Peña Blvd. listing and exit list. No more free 45 minute parking at DIA due to the new security measures.

3 September 2001

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Added link to CC Slater's New Mexico I-25 list on my south I-25 list.
- On the north I-25 list, changed Mile High Stadium to Invesco Field at Mile high, and CDOT has changed the signs at Exit 259 to Crossroads Boulevard, which is the right name.
Colorado Highways:
- Dale Sanderson sent me a photo of SH 66's end southwest of Estes Park. I also expanded the discussion of it.
- Updated the history section of US 6, thanks to an e-mail from Stephen Levine.
Fictional Freeway Exit Lists:
- Updated misspellings on the Powers Blvd. list, thanks to Dallas Heltzell's sharp eyes.

12 August 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Updated expressway and general information for US 285 southwest of Denver (plus the exit list). Noted that the Denver Post mentioned that a new interchange will be going in at Simms Street.
- Added new expressway info for SH 8.
Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Checked all the links to Jason Hancock's site and changed ones that were out of date. Also put in a new link to his US 18 list.

6 August 2001

Minor things, including some that have been on my back burner for a while:

Colorado Highways:
- Spun the related site links off onto their own page. Also added more links.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Split up US 6 and SH 58 onto their own separate pages. Updated links accordingly.
- Added a note to the north I-25 list that a new 136th Avenue interchange will be built.
- Added diagrammatic signs to each end of I-225.
- C470Guy was right. The speed limit on I-70 has been raised in west Dever. At Mount Vernon Canyon, noted that there is now a minimum speed limit westbound.
Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Uploaded a bunch of the county pentagon markers, so they have a more uniform look. Also uploaded a more refined airport marker.

27 July 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Added a TRANs sign to the TRANs page.
- Refined the expressway segment definitions for US 85.

25 July 2001

Colorado Highways:
- New feature! The Colorado Highways poll.

19 July 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Spun US 24 off onto its own page.
- New photos: US 6, US 24, BR 24, I-25, BL 25, SH 26, US 36, US 40, US 85, I-225, SH 265, I-270, and SH 470. Also several new Denver pictures on the Non-State page.
- Updated construction info for I-225.
- Added a shield example gallery to the Facts page.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- They raised the speed limit on 6th Avenue.
- Updates to the About, About Me, and Links pages.

8 June 2001

Fictional Freeways:
- Uploaded two new lists: I-276 Colorado Blvd and US 8.

3 June 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Updated SH 82 and BR SH 82 listings, each with new historical info.
- Minor updates to SH 279 and Spur 279 listings, about it not being signed.
- Fooled around with the look of the Auxiliary Routes page.

28 May 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Put in a link to T-REX on the main page.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Updated the Peña Blvd., central I-25, and central I-70 lists, because I forgot to update the E-470 toll schedules on them when the tolls changed earlier this year. Also other minor changes to all three lists.
Upper Midwest Freeway Exits:
- New list!!! SR-29 from Chippewa Falls to Wausau.
- Updated central I-94 and north US 53 lists, because I was out there for a trip and got some more accurate data.

13 May 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Threw up a new page, Denver Freeway Odds 'n Ends, that has interchange names and ramp meter stuff.
Change Colorado Counties:
- Uploaded a whole new county plan, one that I've been working on off and on since August.

12 May 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Updated the US 36 page due to the new HOV lanes that opened this week.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Updated the I-25 and US 36 lists. Same reason.

11 April 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Fooled around with the formatting and added links to the title page and Photo Gallery page.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Ben Kiene updated me with news of rest area changes on I-76.

31 March 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Updated the Other Roadways page with new info on the Northwest Parkway.

17 March 2001

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Yet another update to I-25 in Castle Rock.
Colorado Highways:
- Uploaded two brand-spankin' new pages after doing some research at the Denver Public Library: 1919 Numbered Highways and 1924 Named Motor Trails. Updated the History page accordingly.
Midwest Freeway Exit Lists:
- Updated the US 52 and central I-94 lists thanks to corrections/info from Adam Froehlig.

25 February 2001

Colorado Highways:
- Big-time update to the QuickFacts page, with a whole new section on Colorado driving laws.
- Ian Hall-Beyer pointed out that I needed to update my SH 52 listing about the construction at I-25.
- Updated the SH 391 listing with some more detailed info.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Minor updates to I-25 in Castle Rock and Denver.
Road Rant:
- Added a couple of exits (Grinnell and Research) to my fictional Powers Blvd. exit list.

12 January 2001

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Ken Johnson told me that the two rest areas on I-25 south of Pueblo have moved.

1 January 2001

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Minor updates to the central I-70 list.
- Updated E-470 list to reflect numerous toll increases that went into effect today.
Colorado Highways:
- Updated both the US 24 listing and the Photo Gallery with a picture of a US 24 sign Robert Halonen sent me.
- Updated the US 287 listings to reflect the new expressway between Longmont and Berthoud.
- Updated the E-470 page due to numerous toll increases that went into effect today.
Upper Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Updated various links, due to people switching servers.
Road Rant:
- Uploaded a new fictional freeway exit list, Santa Fe Drive.