2000 Updates

22 December 2000

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- On I-225, the Alameda Avenue exit fully opened December 20.

4 December 2000

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- On US 36, the East Flatiron Circle exit has opened.

20 November 2000

Colorado Highways:
- Misc. minor updates to the About, TRANs, and I-70 pages.
- Big-time update to the I-25 page. It had been a long time since I'd done anything serious to it, and a lot of stuff (particulary construction info) was obsolete.
- Put a note on the E-470 page about the upcoming toll increases.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- E-470 list: Annotated places where tolls will be increasing in January.

4 November 2000

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Updated the I-225 list because half of the Alameda Ave. interchange has opened.
- Also updated the 6th Avenue list, because what I had listed as Knox Court is actually an exit for Lowell Boulevard.

29 October 2000

Colorado Highways:
- Updated the SH 104 listing with a paragraph on the Carlton Tunnel from Ben Kiene.

15 October 2000

Colorado Highways:
- The 10,000th visitor has been recorded by Web Tracker.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Various updates to the Central and North I-25 lists, Central and East I-70 lists, 6th Avenue list, US 36 list, and Hampden Avenue list.

17 September 2000

Colorado Highways:
- Updated the CO 88 and CO 177 listings to reflect the new city of Centennial. Also updated the expressway description of CO 88.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Robert Halonen has reported the Gartrell Road exit from E-470 has had its tolls removed.

10 September 2000

Colorado Highways:
- Updated the US 24, CO 83, and CO 115 listings with more detailed expressway/freeway descriptions and a link to the new exit list.
- Updated the US 36 page with items related to the new Flatiron Crossing Mall.
- Updated the US 87 listing with news of one its sign's demise.
- Updated the I-225 listing with news about interchange construction.
- Updated the CO 470 listings because of its new extension opening bewteen I-70 and US 6.
- Updated the Other Roads page with the news about Peña Blvd/DIA's new parking fee system.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- New exit lists: US 24, CO 83, and CO 115 in Colorado Springs.
- Minor changes to the central I-25, central I-70, and I-225 lists.
- Incorporated the freshly-opened C-470 extension into the C-470 and US 6 lists.
- Updated the Peña Blvd. list due to DIA's new parking fee system.
Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Updated the US 20 list, because the section east of I-35 has changed from a two-lane- to four-lane freeway.

26 August 2000

Updated links in the Colorado and Upper Midwest Exits portions of my site, because Adam Froehlig, Andy Field, and Richie Kennedy all sent notices of new URLs for their sites. It was 29 pages and images in all.

20 August 2000

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Oops. It turns out the new exit that opened on US 36 is the Flatiron Circle West exit, not Flatiron Circle East. They need to call their ad agency and tell them their radio ad is wrong.

19 August 2000

Upper Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Uploaded two new lists thanks to info sent to me by Adam Froehlig: US 2 Bemidji Bypass and MN 60 from St. James to Mankato.

13 August 2000

Colorado Highways:
- Updated the E-470 page with news about when Segment IV will open.
- Updated the Other Roadways page with news the the southern part of the Northwest Parkway has been tabled.
Upper Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Updated the US 14 Mankato list thanks to corrections from Adam Froehlig.

3 August 2000

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Updated the north I-25 list, reflecting the new left exit to US 36. Also some other misc. changes.

15 July 2000

Main pages:
- Updated the main page with the Xoom Aniversary sign.
- Updated the About Me page to change it to a more user-friendly format.
- Updated the About This Site page to reflect the discontinuation of the SE Minn. and WC Wisc. sites.
Colorado Highways:
- Updated the CO 5 listings to relect a note passed to me by Robert Halonen that the fee for Mount Evans has gone up from $6 to $10.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Didn't have the Yosmite Street exit from C-470 listed, and put in an pictoral exit image for at I-25.
- Noted the WB exit to Peoria Street on I-70 is at the I-225 exit, not after.
Fictional Freeway Exits:
- Put in my correct e-mail address on the CO 14 and US 50 lists.
Southeastern Minnesota and West Central Wisconsin Roadways sites:
- Both sites deleted in their entirety.

4 July 2000

Upper Midwest Exit Lists:
- Put in the correct e-mail address on every page.
- Extended the US 20 Iowa list west to Fort Dodge, 13 months after Mark Hasty sent me the info to do it.

2 July 2000

Main part of the site:
- Update the About Me page with a new photo of me in my CSU graduation garb.
Bonus Page:
- New photo of a little concrete rebar problem that I couldn't resist posting.
Colorado Highways:
- Went through and put my correct e-mail address on the pages that didn't have it. Also in the Photo Gallery, added new photos to the General Page (a lot in the Signal Gallery) and a new photo of a ramp meter to the I-25 listing.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Another update to the US 36 list. Mainly supplemental notes.

24 June 2000

Main part of the site:
- Updated the About, About Me, and Links pages with the signature image at the bottom, and updated the info to reflect my graduation and new home and job.
- Deleted my résumé, since I don't need any prospective employers to be able to see it any more.
Bonus Page:
- Put in the signature image.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Put in the signature image on the Peña Blvd. and east I-70 lists.
- Some info updating, mainly speed limits, on the I-76 list east of I-25.
- On the 6th Ave. Freeway list, extended it east from I-25 to Kalamath Street, putting in the exit for Osage Street.
- Jim Adolphson pointed out to me that the exit on US 36 should read "South Boulder Road", not just "Boulder Road".

12 June 2000

Colorado Highways:
- On the main page, updated the top with the weather logo reflecting my new home.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- New feature on all three lists below: RTD Park-n-Ride lots are now listed.
- I-25 Fountain to Denver: Updates to the exits between I-225 and Castle Rock, including the construction through the Castle Pines area.
- I-25 Denver to Wyoming: Updates all throughout Denver, including a new detailed pictoral exit sign at I-76. Also new are the Northwest Parkway logo at MP 228 and the left lane minimum speed at Berthoud. Updated the URL to Andy Field's Wyoming exit list, since it has been incorrect for some time now.
- Denver-Boulder Turnpike: New logo for the Northwest Parkway and a new note for Flatiron Crossing Mall.

29 May 2000

Colorado Highways:
- On the main page, I added a couple of links to the related sites section, and noted that the 5000th visitor has been tracked.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- Split up the former two I-25 lists into three lists, to make the lists shorter and more manageable. Changed links accordingly.

20 May 2000

Colorado Highways:
- On the E-470 page, updated the page per that the Gartrell Road exit has opened. Thanks to Robert Halonen for the update. Also updated the page regarding Segment IV.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- On two of the I-70 lists, put in scattered updates from a recent trip to Eagle. Main items were truck speed limits on the grades, and the pictoral exit sign at Exit 244. Also inserted to previously missed exits: CR 314 at Idaho Springs and WB Harlan St. in Denver.
- Updated the E-470 list reflecting the opened Gartrell Road interchange.
- Updated the I-225 list with an entry where the future Alameda Avenue interchange will be.
- Updated both the C-470 and 6th Avenue lists with an entry about the future US 6/C-470 interchange.
Road Rant:
- Adam Froehlig decided to lend a hand and send me an update of the main page. He has better knowledge of some of the proposed expressways and freeways in Minnesota, and updated a few things in those listings.

18 April 2000

Colorado Highways:
- On all of the Barebones pages, I deleted the Milepost Guides. I decided they didn't belong on something called barebones.
- Updated the About page, indicating the fact that the Milepost Guides aren't in the Barebones section of the site anymore. Also included the entry about AADT data, which I didn't have listed before for some reason. Put in another source I recently got, the 1999 CDOT map.
- Updated I-270 listing, including a new old photo, because the connection from it to US 36 has now opened.
- Included the new I-270 photo in the state section of the Photo Gallery.

18 March 2000

Colorado Highways:
- I updated the images files for the old style route markers, both the state and US shields. The main reason was because I aquired an old-style font from Bruce Cridlebaugh.

Road Rant:

- Added a new fictional freeway exit list, the Powers Boulevard east Colorado Springs beltway.

12 March 2000

Road Rant:
- At Change the Signs, I refined my proposals for lane ending and railroad signs, and also added new changes to bike and pedestrian signs.
Colorado Highways:
- Added a few links on the main page.

24 February 2000

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- The westbound connection beween I-270 and US 36 has opened. Updated the US 36 and I-270 lists accordingly.
- A new exit on northbound I-25 to 70th Avenue opened at the same time.
- Also on US 36, the westbound exit to Broadway closed, and the eastbound HOV lanes were closed.

12 February 2000

Whole bunch of stuff, all at Colorado Highways:
- Updated all links throughout the site to Andy Field's Wyoming site, since he moved over to Xoom back in November.
- Updated all links to Dale Sanderson's US Highway Ends site, since he has moved also. That includes US 24, 34, 138, and 285. He also has new pages for US 36 and 550, so I put in links for those.
- CO 13: Terry Carter caught an error where I said Rifle but it should have been Craig.
- CO 18: Added a note that this highway is not shown on the 1999 CDOT map. I'm not quite ready to write it off yet, though.
- CO 33: Dale Sanderson caught an error where I said Larimer Street but meant Lawrence Street.
- CO 82: Terry Carter clairified a few things for me, including how the Basalt business route is marked and when the bypass opened.
- CO 86: Dale Sanderson noted that River Bend is just a rail siding, whereas I had said "town".
- CO 119: Took out the mention of Spur 119 on the Barebones 119 listing.
- CO 278: Dale Sanderson noted that when it still existed, 278 served the west portal of the Alva Adams Tunnel, the major route for water from the West Slope to the East so that the North Front Range doesn't dry up.

5 February 2000

Road Rant:
- Uploaded an all new fictional freeway exit list: US 50 from Cañon City to Avondale, Colorado.

29 January 2000

Under the main page:
Updated the About Me page and my resumé.

Colorado Highways:

- Uploaded AADT data for routes 100 to 119.
- Updated Spur Connections page showing Spur CO 119 as now defunct, since that area changed with recent reconstruction.

22 January 2000

Colorado Freeway Exits:
- On the north I-25 list, noted that I forgot to change Downing Street to a northbound-only exit with my last update.
Upper Midwest Freeway Exits:
- Changed a couple things on the I-35 list near US 20.
Road Rant:
- Uploaded my first fictional freeway exit list: The Fort Collins North Bypass.

16 January 2000

Colorado Highways:
- Shifted some things around on the title page. Also changed the link for the Rocky Mountain News, because they've changed their URL again.
- Updated routes 80 to 99 with AADT info.
- Spun US 85 off onto its own page. Includes new AADT data, and new stuff about Santa Fe Drive, including three pictures.
- Put up AADT info on the I-70 page.
- Put the three US 85 photos in the Photo Gallery.
Colorado Freeway Exits:
- On the north I-25 list, on my recent trip to Ocean Journey, noted that Santa Fe Dr. and Alameda Ave. are the same exit northbound, put in the Washington/Emerson St. exit which I didn't have in before for some reason, included Water Street in the 23rd Ave. exit, noticed for the first time that there is an exit southbound for 48th Ave., and included the parking area north of 120th Ave.