Colorado Highways:
Contracted Maintenance

The Colorado Department of Transportation turns over maintenance on some sections of state highways to city forces, calling it "contracted maintenance". The city handles routine maintenance such as striping and snow plowing. However, CDOT still has authority over the roadway and gets to set speed limits, decide if a signal is going to be installed, and handles the major projects.

Source: Maintenance Patrol Map and Region 6 Maintenance Patrol Map, CDOT, September 2006

City Contracted To
From/To if Known (~ = "approximately")

SH 30 (6th Ave)
Havana St to ~Airport Blvd
BL 70/US 40-287 (Colfax Ave)
West city limits (Yosemite St) to I-225
US 36 (28th St)
~Jay Rd to Baseline Rd
SH 93 (Broadway)
South city limits to SH 119 (Canyon Blvd)
SH 119 (Canyon Blvd)
~West city limits to US 36 (28th St)
SH 119 (Diagonal Hwy)
US 36 (28th St) to SH 157 (Foothills Pkwy)
SH 157 (Foothills Pkwy)
US 36 to ~Valmont Rd
SH 9

SH 2 (4th Ave)
Bromley Ln to SH 7 (Bridge St)
SH 7 (Bridge St)
US 85 to ~27th Ave
US 34

Del Norte
US 160

US 50

SH 348

SH 2 (Colorado Blvd)
US 285 (Hampden Ave) to US 6/85 (Vasquez Blvd)
SH 26 (Alameda Ave)
SH 95 (Sherdian Blvd) to I-25
BL 70/US 40 (Colfax Ave) West city limits (Sherdian Blvd) to east city limits (Yosemite St)
SH 88 (Federal Blvd)
South city limits to US 287 (Colfax Ave)
SH 265 (Brighton Blvd)
I-70 to north city limits
US 287 (Federal Blvd)
SH 88 (Colfax Ave) to north city limits
Fort Collins
SH 14
US 287 (College Ave) to Mulberry St
US 287
Harmony Rd to SH 1
Fort Lupton
SH 52

Fort Morgan
US 34

Grand Junction
US 6 (North Ave)
BL 70 to BL 70
US 50
BL 70 to ~Unaweep Ave
BL 70
~SH 340 to ~CR 29
SH 340
~Colorado River to BL 70
BR 34
~West city limits to US 85
BR 85
BR 34 (18th St) to ~north city limits
SH 263
BR 85 (8th Ave) to US 85
US 50

SH 119 (Ken Pratt Blvd)
~West city limits to Boulder/Weld County line
SH 287 (Main St)
~Pike Rd to SH 66
US 34 (Eisenhower Blvd)

US 287
SH 402 (14th St SE) to ~north city limits
US 50

US 550

National Park Service
US 34 (Trail Ridge Road)
In Rocky Mountain National Park
US 36
In Rocky Mountain National Park
US 6
~Southwest city limts to ~I-76
SH 14
~West city limits to US 6
US 138
US 6 to ~northeast city limits
SH 392 (Main St)
~17th St to SH 257 south
City Contracted To
From/To if Known (~ = "approximately")


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Last updated 26 November 2006