Matthew E. Salek

Born: Winona, Minnesota

Where I've Lived:


Current Employment: Civil engineer at an engineering consulting firm in Denver, working in the transportation field

Professional Registration: Licensed as a Professional Engineer in Colorado


My website premiered when I got to Colorado State in August 1996. Since then it has been an evolving, ongoing work in progress. Back in the first couple of months there were many false starts, and I have added and deleted numerous subject areas. The College of Engineering's network at CSU served as my first web host, but in 1999 my site had gotten too big so I moved it over to the free host They changed to in 2000 and went belly-up in 2001. That prompted me to get paid web hosting and my own domain, and was launched July 18, 2001.

As to the main subject of this site being roads, that comes simply from the fact that roads are what I'm interested in. Some people cuss at them when stuck in traffic. Some people wish there were fewer of them. Some people don't think about them at all. Me, I'm interested in lots things related to roadways, from how highways get their numbers to the configuration traffic lights at intersections. This may seem pretty dry and uninteresting to some people, but everybody has their passion. The great thing about the Internet is that I can post what I know for everyone else who has the same interests as me to see. Even better is that I've been able to channel this interest into my career, civil engineering.

Some of the hardware, software, and accessories used in the production of this site:

Apple 20" iMac, 2.0 GHz, 2GB RAM, DVD-RW drive, OS 10.8.2

Canon CanoScan LiDE 90 scanner

Pentax Optio M20 digital camera, 7.0 megapixel, 6.3-18.9mm zoom
(April 2007-present)

Pentax IQZoom EZY-R 35mm camera, 38-70mm zoom
(April 2000-March 2007)


Last updated 3 March 2013